Our world is being covered with more and more garbage day by day. Although this garbage is destroyed in various ways, a large part of it continues to pollute the nature. In order to prevent this pollution, it is very important to prefer recyclable materials and make these choices a habit.

Recycle; It refers to the recycling of wastes such as paper, glass, metal, plastic, through certain processes and re-consumption.

Why Is Recycling Important?

– It can stop the pollution of natural resources.
– Increases agricultural productivity by stopping soil pollution.
– It saves energy.
– It reduces the amount of waste and keeps the nature cleaner.
– Protects the future by controlling the carbon footprint.

The Power of Recycling

The benefit of recycling is not just about nature. Recycling also reduces the need for raw materials with varying rates on a sectoral basis,
It also causes an economic input. Recycling facilities created to benefit from this economic input provided by recycling
contributes to the country’s economy with employment.

Recycling means building a more reliable future with the benefits it creates in the economy as well as the benefits it provides to nature. from this framework
When looked at, the impact of recycling is not only on an individual scale, but also on a national and even universal scale. In countries where recycling has become a habit, environmental problems have been minimized and related losses have been prevented.

Do It For Recycling;

– Segregate your waste as recyclable and organic.
– Use the recycling points in your neighborhood for your waste.
– Reuse plastic materials.
– Prefer metal packaged products.

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