Since the world has become a more crowded place than ever before, the use of fossil fuels has been increasing, and accordingly, the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is increasing rapidly. Measuring the rate of carbon dioxide that institutions or individuals mix into the atmosphere, carbon footprint
means to trace.

Carbon footprint is a term that defines how much damage you do to the world and entered our lives in the 2000s as the climate crisis approached.

People in society release carbon dioxide to nature in many behaviors from their preferred mode of transportation to their nutrition, that is, the habits of people from transportation to nutrition affect the balance of nature positively or negatively.

carbon dioxide in the atmosphere;

– Deforestation.
– Not making recycling a habit.
– Failure to create environmental awareness and transfer it to future generations.
– Consistent increase in fossil fuel consumption.
Today, it has reached higher amounts than it has ever been in the history of humanity. If necessary precautions are not taken, the balance of nature will gradually deteriorate, and humanity will fight hunger and thirst.

What Can You Do to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint?

– Calculate your carbon footprint.
– Avoid wasting water.
– Reduce fossil fuel use.
– Turn to renewable energy sources such as wind and sun.
– Prefer 100% recyclable metal packaged products.

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